Blogging Tips to Make Money Blogging

The fact of the matter is that most bloggers, even popular bloggers, do not make money blogging, not what you would consider good money. But there are a small minority of people who are making a killing by operating blogs. Yes, it can be done. I’ve compiled the top tips for bloggers that actually want to make money blogging.

1. Blog for search traffic

Writing a popular blog post that gets a lot of social traffic is fleeting. Even if your article makes to the front page of a site like the traffic boost that you receive will be momentary. If, on the other hand, one of your blog posts ranks for a popular search keyword on Google that same article can bring you traffic for months, even years.

In addition search traffic is targeted traffic. When your article about, say, Blogging Tips ranks number one in Google for “blogging tips” you will only get traffic from people who are looking for information on blogging tips. This will, quite frankly, make you a lot more money as your traffic will be targeted to your content and offers.

2. Write long posts

It is better to write one long blog post with your top ten blogging tips than it is to write 10 one hundred word entries containing one tip each. The reason for this is that it will be easier to rank a 1000 word post in the search engines than it will be to rank a 100 word post. Additionally, you can more easily promote one post and others can promote it for you by linking to it.

3. Sell something

If the point of your blog is to talk about your day then you will not make money. The point of your blog has to be to encourage some kind of profitable activity. The fact of the matter is that reading is not a commercial. When a person comes to your blog and reads your content, no money changes hand. The simple act of reading does not make you (or anyone else) money. Even your advertisers will pull their advertising if your readers only read.

If you recommend a product on your blog you will be able to earn affiliate commissions when your readers take your advice and buy the product. It is best if you have a product of your own to promote and sell, though affiliate marketing is probably more attainable for the average blogger.

Even if you refuse to specifically market any products you must at least be willing to sell your traffic to someone who will try to market to them. You can sell traffic by using a program like AdSense or by selling advertising directly.

4. Write about a topic that is commercial

For every blogger who writes about their favorite sports team or political party, I can show you a blogger who has a day job that they have to report to every morning. Bloggers that write about their passions, unless your passion is making money, are not getting rich generally. In order to make money from a blog you need to encourage some sort of profitable activity. Like I said, nobody (especially not the blogger) makes any money when somebody reads their words.

Some topics lend themselves naturally to blogging. Unfortunately, these are the topics you least want to blog because the market is so crowded. I often use the example of politics but another good one is personal finance. Personal finance is a wonderful topic to blog about in theory because it is both commercial (there are lots of advertisers and products for the blogger to recommend) and easy to write about. The problem is that there are thousands of other blogs in the niche already. This is a problem if you want to make any money in the next year. Yes, you may be able to make money with a personal finance blog in time, but it will take a lot of patience. Which brings us to our next tip.

5. Blog where there are no blogs

If you find a topic that is commercial and has products to promote and advertisers to advertise and you can’t think of a single other blog who blogs about that topic, you may have hit the jackpot. Today, there are blogs about just about every mainline thing that you can think, so you have to be willing to dig down into micro-niches or niches that are not so obvious. You can make a lot more money as the single blog in a $10 niche than you can as one-blog-among-a-million in a $1000 niche.

The best topics for new bloggers are those topics which are a little bit unappealing to the masses. For instance, if you come upon a niche that seems promising but that you would be embarrassed to have your name attached to then you might have a winner. And remember that there are lots of bloggers who write under pen names.

Those are my top five tips for making money blogging and I can assure you that if you follow those guidelines and are willing to work hard you can make a very nice living online.

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